Friday, November 30, 2012

Building the horror

By the way, did I mention this is a horror movie? Mystery victim! :-)
This is a regular Sennheiser MKH40 through a Fostex FR2.

The things one does for this job...

Aw, screw it! Here's the real deal :-)

When first beginning this blog I didn't really have any direction at all. After a surprise rejection from AdSense, probably due to this picture, I thought it was pretty funny to do a kind of flipping the bird to unsound squeamishness by taking the picture of my session with this turkey and beeping it out with a black box. But I realized this could easily be misinterpreted as trying to be extenuating. No way in hell would I ever do something like that, this movie will be as relentless as dark and unforgiving...but I still think it's funny though so rather than un-censor it I add another picture!

I do however have one moral aspect here, and this I will never EVER refrain from: This animal was never a sound effect, it was my dinner taking a detour as a sound effect. Though it makes no difference in the final movie, it makes a world of difference to me out of respect for the animal. For many people, especially vegans I guess, this might very well make no sense, but I firmly believe in never letting anything ever go to waste as that would mean the animal died in vain.

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