Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Inception Of An Idea

Once upon a time...let's call it "About 3 Weeks Ago" for the sake of argument, I was having a midnight moment of solitude, casually reading Fritz The Cat and trying my best to ignore the horror that surrounded me, when suddenly the entire block went black.
Horrible timing, I can tell you.
After going through every curse-word I knew and inventing some new ones on the fly, I, with the help of my trusty iPhone-lamp, managed to prevent this little story from becoming really really disgusting to full satisfaction, and got an idea!
For a long time I've wanted to make something short and extremely audio-based, a more extremely designed and non-visual based project, both for the pure joy of it just because I absolutely *beep*ing love making movies, and as a part of my showreel.
I've been planning several projects of my own over the last few years, but though I do have a lot of really good and extremely talented people to work with, due to logistic and economical reasons, I've always been forced to shelf them for the time being while looking for ways to make it happen. Very frustrating with all these Ideas and no way to realize them.
Here, I had an iPhone 4, fully professional sound-stuff I use as a freelance audio-guy, and a dark ghostly stairway. Problem solved!

When I pressed RECord I knew only this:
 1 - I have an iPhone. The photo will be EXTREMELY limited. Must make sure I can edit it, and every single sound and line of dialogue will and must be added in post.
 2 - Time is a luxury and the power might get back any second. Act fast and think later. Make the main character look chased and confused, and film everything interresting I can find. Figure what to do with it later.
3 - I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing. A minute ago I had no idea I'd record a flick this night, so there's neither a story nor a script. I must make up a concept on the fly and let the story evolve itself until the power's back: I am not Christian van Caine, I am a man trapped in a strange world chased by something I cannot see. Live it.

And most importantly:
4 - It's just me here - Make it work. If it doesn't - Make it work.

Also, average or "okay" is not an option.

When the power got back I had enough takes for three absolutely ass-kicking complete sequences of me sneaking from the port up to the top floor with much evil in between, and I had a simple yet effective story! I ended it all with a quick improvised recording of a monster lurking in the shadows, moving ominously, including an extremely well working attack I'll never have to excuse myself for!
 All in all I got away with approximately 10 minutes of actual footage that night.
Happy happy joy joy!


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