Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trespassing Into Hell

"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will not walk very much"

I'm just back from recording several new scenes, this time mostly from an abandoned and very run down-place that reeks of evil, pain and generally bad manners! With rusty nails and chunks of metal, rotten floorboards, broken glass, and a lot of other pretty unhealthy stuff just waiting to get stepped on or treating me to a rather unpleasant fall I wasn't very cocky. Of course safety is always my number one priority, I never record anything without knowing I will not get hurt seriously in the process, but you're very aware of what surrounds you when in places like this.
There's something special about really old and worn locations, something that hasn't seen repairs or maintenance for years! I have now already a pretty wide variety of locations ranging from both contemporary interiors to heavily unearthly and mechanical surroundings to cold and hostile exteriors (though the focus of the movie s on claustrophobia and insecurity), and the soundscape will be anything but friendly. I love playing with decay and disharmony, and here there will be a lot of that.


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