Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Metal Auf Metal

Here I just got passed by a zombie looking for brains. Can't help but feeling a little insulted.

Life is good! This here shiny new and insignificantly used i7-based edit-station, with ditto complete Adobe-package including Premiere Pro CS6 and Photoshop, has made the entire process advance something ridiculously! Especially compared to the original idea of editing it directly in the iPhone (an idea I abandoned in rage the very same day I got it, just hours before getting frustrated with Lightworks and abandoning that one too in favor of my good old Premiere Pro 2...)!
But most important, I'm now in negotiations with a producer and his production company about joining the project, including helping getting it distributed no less!

All in all the last week has been very exciting - not only because the producer and getting this computer, which is the very first major donation to the project in terms of equipment (all credits including cast and crew and eventual sponsors will be announced shortly), I also finally got a a Black magic Intensity Pro videocard (not to be confused with graphics cards), to go with my 17" analogue professional JVC monitor in Nuendo! Premiere still will suffice with an ordinary but good computer monitor though as I will not do the grading here.
Ever since Steinberg abandoned DirectShow in favor of Quicktime my trusty old Matrox-card was rendered useless, so this was a tremendous upgrade for me. Sure, credit is where credit's due, and quite frankly the whole video-engine got a whole lot more stable, something one quite frankly seriously couldn't blame the old one for, but it's very frustrating to see a big, and at the time very expensive, videosystem with several monitors, active split-boxes, signal amplifiers, and kilometers of cable all going down the drain.

Oh well! Shit happens, and life goes on! New tech-toys are always fun and helps things advance a lot, but frankly, without the means to get the movie distributed all this work and sometimes downright unhealthy efforts should had been all in vain.

Okay, this movie is about sound, have nothing happened in that department?
Hell yes!!!
First of all, a simple violin-bow can be an endless source of joy! Second, the name of this post is not just an homage to Kraftwerk. Over the years I've collected a lot of decaying metal parts and other weird things that sounded cool in one way or another, and there simply are no words to describe the inspiration I've got from going though all the boxes with crap! Sure, it drove most of my former girlfriends absolutely nuts, but that's just a price one has to pay for awesome sound ;-)


Ps. From now on this blog will be updated every Saturday night (CET). I might very well occasionally write posts in between as well if I find something I just have to post, but no matter that there will still be a new post every Sunday morning for you guys and gals to enjoy! Ds.

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