Monday, March 4, 2013

Let's Feed The Feline

Hiya people!
This post is a little over due, sorry 'bout that. You see, this weekend my friend and actor in this project, Andreas Rylander, came over from the sprawling megalopolis Kalmar, a city so vast it has its own county and even its own climate!
Not only did we cooperate in sending a 28" tubby-TV to kingdom kome [sic] using a very large sledgehammer (holy CRAP did that result in a great shockwave from the implosion!!!), together we met up with a few other people that hopefully will be part of this, discussed it all in civilized manner over a lager or two. Of course resulting in getting absolutely pissed and staggering home happy but dizzy in the early hours!
Though alcohol sometimes can lead to inspiration, it mostly leads to pure bollocks, and as such I simply will never write a post shitfaced.

 Hopefully you, my dear readers, will eventually find the results from this meeting as rewarding as I do as I now have quite a few new locations with an ass-kicking-factor surpassing the level Dr Martens and then some! The scaling of course being between 1 (fluffy kitteh in knitting-magazines) to 10 (14-hole black Dr Martens with steel-toe and a whole bottle of Laphroigh).
Run-down, decaying, rotting, vicious. In other words - amazing.

Kitteh. Unmolested from knitting-magazines though.

I almost said that everything is advancing slowly but surely...but truth is, things has advanced something tremendously since first inception a little over 4 months ago! It's true that maintaining picture quality will take quite some work, but that's not really a problem. What could easily be an issue in a movie almost entirely based in sound is acting and, of course, sound. Though I'm also an offline editor and sometimes director (directing is actually very often the most important part of ADR and dubbing as they often just send me the voice-actors, scripts and video-files but no original director), I myself is a sound designer, so sound's not a problem. As for the actors, I feel like I've found among the absolute cream already! I have a lot of people more to talk to, but so far noone has declined!

Andreas, Roy, and Tony

On a totally unrelated note, it's probably pretty apparent to anyone reading this blog that I'm rather fond of most movies/series with the word "Star-" in its name. As such, I recently found and read through the script for Star Wars IV - A New Hope.
Over the years there has been a lot of bickering among fans about exactly what Han Solo meant by "making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs."
In the script, Obi-1 reacts to Solo’s "stupid attempt to impress them with obvious misinformation". Seems pretty clear to me!

Even more unrelated - Cap'n Kirk with dreamy eyes.
Holding a suspicious looking object.
Waiting for a green alien.


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