Thursday, June 20, 2013

In Darkness We Trust

Holà good people!
Hm, I did chose Sunday/Monday for updating this blog as those where the days I am most likely to have the least to do. Hopefully that will turn true again in the near future...
Anyway, the last one and a half week has been good indeed! Other than my and Anette's usual balcony story- and scene-discussion-sessions, and the steady progress in the editing, I've now began recording the first real tests of my new Foley-locations and props! Armed with heavy boots ranging from everything between Doctor Martens, Gettagrip and Underground, to old sneakers and practically every kind of shoe I own, to creaky leather, heavy cloth and chains, I am now seriously putting my new locations to the test!
I'd like to say "Gee, whoever could have imagined that his movements would sound like this!"...but quite frankly, the bodily movement-sounds where actually the only things I actually had a fully developed concept of the very second I pushed "Record" the very first time, and unlike absolutely everything else it actually hasn't changed at all since then! Sure, the balance of things will change a lot as the movie calls for it, but the basic design for the sound of the protagonist is all based in my concept of the most interesting personal Foley I could imagine.
I seriously fucking love creaks and heavy textures!!!

Collect call from nature
Though I do, as I said, have a clear view of where I'm going with that, it's not as easy finding the right props to get there the way I work on this movie, and the location is absolutely vital for how the results will end up. Props that may sound absolutely marvelous in one location might very well sound bad in another.
There are many things that influence the sound. Everything from small changes in the sole between two similar boots that makes a big difference when taking their detour past the mic, to the mic itself, to for example air humidity and acoustics. It's much harder to record Foley this way than had it been doing it in a controlled environment in a studio, but the result makes it well worth it!


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