Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beauty in Grime

Today will be a hallelujah-moment for me! For months, I have prepared my kitchen, especially the stove, for a few seconds of film in the final movie. It looks seriously nasty, but today will be the big day.
I've put my new gear on some serious tests - first I willfully violated the "keep away"-sign on the roadworks outside my window (they can kiss my hairy ass, they woke me up at 7am today with a fucking oversized caterpillar feet machine-mounted rivet-gun at full blast) (may they all burn in hell), then two days ago a respectful visit at some kind of...I have no clue what it once was, either an abandoned and heavily decayed warehouse or some kind of factory perhaps, and now an ancient (abandoned) factory this night. Also heavily decayed. And the new equipment worked wonders!
I've let every single pot I ever used during this time overflow while cooking, meaning I've got a good crust on the surface, but it will not truly take the cake 'till I put the final touch on it - a slimy mixture including the result of lots of chicken-wings deep-fried in what once was corn-oil. I now have twice as much oil as I had when I first started, and it's mixed with several other secret ingredients to get that just right look which will look so good smeared all over my poor stove!
This will be painful to clean up tonight....
The things one does for art :-)


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