Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brothers In Grime

Joy! I'm just back after a short but VERY rewarding filming with Brother Henrik! This is actually the first time we've ever worked together, but not the last! He did extremely well, and honour the production with a really really creepy Apparition. Dunnu where to put him yet, but that's a later problem.
I, and, occasionally my team, have been to several really nasty locations during this one and a half year this movie has been active, but this place took the cake. Not only that it was in danger of crumpling and collapsing with us in it - it was a very small long-since abandoned shed, probably once a summer house I guess - or that the floor was about to give under our feet. Because it did anyway. Every singe step we took. Good thing it was only one floor and no cellar. What made this even more unpleasant was that the place was stuffed with age-old rusty and decaying crap and signs of past visitations.
We kept the few scenes we shot outside and in the only safe place in the entire house. There were no way in hell we'd walk around there without armored shoes and combat gear. Or with. What we did get was totally awesome though!


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