Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Good Times To Live In

Yebo people!
Having to replace gear I've put some serious cash into didn't make me a happy man at first, but reading up on the new mastering-grade system I'm considering is some seriously great reading! My preferred way of working, IE using very much analogue processings and re-ampings, especially regarding distorsion, some filtering, and several kinds of modulation, puts very heavy demands on the AD/DA's of the studio. This is a place you'd want absolute and total transparency from.

In hindsight, when I first started out as a musician and producer about 20 years ago, the choice between different brands and models (that I even had a possible chance to put my trotters on) wasn't between "good and bad". Truth be told, it was between "tolerable and horrendous". The good stuff cost like a Ferrari, and I was poor as shit. After a while Yamaha released a card called "DSP Factory", which I have three of. Although they can't compare to modern interfaces, these cards made me very happy at the time, and remained with me for years! They were pricey compared to anything I'd bought before that, I think the first one went for about 11000 SEK when I bought it ($1 is about 7 SEK, 1 Euro is about 9.5 SEK), and the other ones less as I bought them much later to be able to work in 5.1 surround, but well worth every Öre/Cent/Penny/etc! Now? There are still cars that goes for lower prices than the stuff I want...scratch that - crave, but they ain't no Ferraris ;-)
What I work with is still not something you'll find in wide production, although it's by no means boutique, but the possible options in this market has grown a lot since the early Noughties, with a lot of really exciting stuff, and I love what I see!

Oh, and the crappy old soundcards and samplers from 20 years ago I mentioned? Still in service - best bitcrushers I can imagine!!!


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